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Client: ITV Studios

Project: Drama Festival 2020 brochure - Copywriting, Editing and Proofreading


Copy Writing &



ITV Studios markets more than 40,000 hours of television and film content to broadcasters and platforms around the world. The company produces a diverse variety of marketing publicity to accompany its global launches, from 50+ page catalogues to individual programme flyers.


I regularly work with the team to craft copy for these materials, including creating copy from scratch, editing existing wording from production treatments or proofreading final text before printing. Below are some of the page layouts from my most recent project - copywriting, editing and proofreading programme information for the Drama Festival 2020 brochure. The event, which took place at London's Roundhouse in February 2020, saw the company launch its new scripted slate to more than 300 international buyers.

Katie is talented, creative, knowledgeable, quick and has an attention to detail I've not experienced before. She understands the global TV market, and her copy always strikes the perfect note for our target audience, maximising the potential of our titles. 

ITV Studios

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