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Client: Kew Media Distribution

Project: MIPCOM 2019 Newsletter - Proofreading and editing

Like many companies, international distributor Kew Media Distribution, part of Kew Media Group, has varying demands for copy throughout the year. At the major industry sales markets, they may launch up to 40 new television shows. Accurate, compelling copy to present these shows to global broadcasters is an essential part of their marketing strategy. At these times, I work with them to write, edit and proof copy for newsletters, listings and online marketing. See below page layouts from my most recent project - the companys newsletter for the MIPCOM 2019 sales market in Cannes.


We regularly call upon Katie’s expertise in creative copywriting, proofing and editing. Her knowledge of the way we position our shows in the marketplace means we can rest assured that any project Katie works on is always delivered on deadline and exactly as per our brief.

Kew Media Distribution

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