A picture can paint a thousand words. But when we’re bombarded by thousands of pictures every day, it still takes words to grab your target audience’s attention. Especially if you want to turn that attention into action – and who doesn’t want that?  


​There are more opportunities than ever for you to dazzle potential customers with information about your brand, business or service. But with all the distractions from your daily to-do list, finding the time and focus to deliver copy that’s accurate, relevant and packed with just the right amount of personality can be a challenge. Especially if you're tight on time and there's a deadline looming. That’s why proofreading, copywriting and copy-editing are ideal tasks to outsource. Getting an external perspective on projects, away from internal influences and opinions, helps to provide valuable new inspiration and ideas, as well as better attention to detail.

I specialise in working with clients in the television industry - in the UK and globally - including international content distributors and producers. But I also regularly work with clients in other fields, including retail, motoring and exhibitions, and am happy to consider projects from all walks of life. Head here for more details on my recent assignments.

Whether I’m helping with a one-off task or an ongoing requirement, you can rest assured that my goal will always be to efficiently deliver copy that arrives on time and excels for your business. So, whatever your copy requirements might be, get in touch and I’m sure Ill be able to help. 

My background

I’m a proofreader and copywriter with a love of anything to do with books, words and television (I promise I do sometimes go outside*).

After several years working in travel, retail and fashion, I landed in the industry that became my home for the next twenty years – television. I worked my way up in marketing and PR and, through recommendation and word-of-mouth, began working with an increasing number of television companies on their copy requirements.

*Look, me


Now I have more than ten years’ experience freelancing for a diverse range of clients – from household names such as ITV Studios to small independent businesses. I have also expanded my skills via industry-recognised courses from The Publishing Training Centre and the Society for Editors and Proofreaders, of which I’m now a Professional Member. Television continues to be my ‘specialist subject’, but I can turn my skills to business, marketing and PR content, and I also have a strong knowledge of the retail and fashion industry as a business/marketing graduate from the London College of Fashion. ​

Delivering engaging, accurate and effective copy.

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