It’s essential to ensure that your copy works for you and your target reader. It should be the correct length, well structured, accurate, consistent and written in a style and tone that suits its platform, purpose and audience.

I wouldn’t consider myself to be a ‘traditional’ copyeditor, i.e. preparing books or manuscripts for publishing. My expertise lies more in working with businesses to edit their text for its required purpose. 


Perhaps you have copy that needs editing to be more concise or to suit a new platform. Or you have a first draft and would like someone to check its structure, tone and consistency. You could be preparing marketing materials for a TV show that originated in a non-English-speaking territory and need to optimise any translated copy. 


Whatever your requirement, if your words need a wash and brush up, get in touch.

We regularly call upon Katie’s expertise in creative copywriting, proofing and editing. Her knowledge of the way we position our shows in the marketplace means we can rest assured that any project Katie works on is always delivered on deadline and exactly as per our brief.